About Me

Born in Italy in 19 August 1964, Classic Maturity, Graduated in Law at the University of Milan at my 23 years old.

Languages : Italian – English – French- Spanish

- I followed classes and Workshops of Traditional Astrology in Milan, Florence and Rome. (1992-1994)

- Then during my stay in NY (1995-2001) I followed the ‘School of Psychological Astrology founded by Liz Greene in New York where I lived, studied and practiced

till the 2003.

- Returned to Italy in 2003 to continue my activity.

- I organize Workshops, Retreats and Seminars since the 2012 in various locations, also in collaboration with masters of others disciplines, in particular Yoga.

About Astrology

Having been pushed by a strong deep personal interest and passion I decided in the 1989 to start the Astrological studies and reaserch .

I practice and work, still with passion since the 1994.

In the 2016 I founded Laura Locatelli Studio to continue offering my Individual and Relational Private Sessions, and Coaching Programs that I personally design, plus Experiential Workshops

- with a selected, reliable and professional small team working in the office, who is been next to me since a while.

- a wonderful and carefully selected Team of Yoga Masters, Wellness operators and others with specific competences for Customized Workshops and Retreats.

- Last but not least, an accurate selection of destinations and locations ready to welcome us with our beloved and attended partecipants. In the 2018 the new branch of my Studio, dedicated to the Workshops and Travel experience will be a new company named CHIRON: Coaching and Healing Programs .