Coaching is a vibrant and dynamic process that creates change. A one-time chart reading can most definetely open up a path to enlightment !

However, ongoing astrological life-coaching is about learning how to best navigate the challenges,crises, and decisions you may be called upon.

Those sessions are designed to guide you along in your journey as you examine your life purpose,soul's desires, hidden strenghts and talents and inherent challenges.

Astrology reveals the most appropriate timing to achieve results. By moving with the tides of life rather then against them, you can make the most of every situation. Important issues unearthed in this session can be brought into your initial coaching session.We begin with an astrological consultation highlighting the current events of your life. You'll get insights on the timing, meaning, and context of whatever is up for you.








PROGNOSTIC METHODS                                                         PARTNERS CHARTS

- Natal Chart Wheel                                                                      - Synastry chart

- Natal Chart and Transits                                                            - Composit Chart

- Natal,Transits and progression combined      

- Progressions

- Solar Return chart

- Lunar Return chart

- Relocations chart


Astrology is the practice and study of the planets and other points  (visible and invisible) and how it all affecgts us here on theearth. Its mathematically based and has it's own language, needing a skilled astrologer to interpretates the meaning. It,s not magica or psychic. It is a science and an art.

Astrology is not only an excellent guide map into your inner working, it is also an excellent tool for timing.

it can be used when you want to make major changes in your life, can prepare you for what will be coming up, and it's great to use for intentionally manifesting your desires.

A well educated and sesasoned astrolger can help you use your chart in the highest and most empowering way.



When a person (place or event) is "born", the Birth chart or Natal Chart is created. It is calcuted from the date, time and place (longitude & latitudeto be exact) of birth.

It can make the journey a lot easier if we know which road to take to get to our destination, or how to handle the more bumpy roads in life. Your birth chart holds all the energies you will or could use in your lifetime; it provides information on your strenghts, weakness, gifts, talents, personality, and character traits. It holds the keys to how you are in relationships, with your finances, the type of career best suited for you, etc.

As you grow so your chart does, giving more insight to your changing outlook.

As the planets in the sky move (call transits) they trigger your birth chart, and your  other charts, further situations and events.


All Astrology Sessions and some Coaching can also take place either
by Skype or WhatsApp