'Women Empowerment'

Women's Empowerment educates and empowers women, helping them  with their skills and confidence necessary to feel secure and create a healthy lifestyle

'Mother Power'

Power of Moms Retreats are for mothers of all ages with all ages of children. Grandmothers are also welcome to attend! Retreats will help mothers with babies and young children to chart successful life courses and enjoy a much-needed break from the daily workload. Mothers who have older children will appreciate the ...

Travel to Heal

Travel is a powerful way to heal the soul, cleanse the mind, and open the heart. Whether you spend your time in the middle of nowhere, on a secluded island, at a group retreat, or alone in a bustling city, being in a different environment has been known to be therapeutic to your mind, body, and soul. Here are five ways ...

Body and Soul

comming soon..

Working on the Moon

'Takes two to tango'

Sessions are individualized depending on what the person or couple needs. These days I mostly teach groups. Both in sessions and workshops there is no sexually explicit touching, no nudity and strict rules to ensure safety and maximum freedom in applying the techniques used......